Decimal BASIC for MAC (Intel)

Jun. 20, 2020

Download BASIC8106En_Mac64.dmg from
Decimal BASIC Open Source Project at OSDN,
and extract into a regular folder whose path name has no space characters.
Note that when you installed in a USB drive, if it has a name such as "NO NAME", it must be renamed.

To launch, control-click BASIC.app, for the first time.
Part of help files and sample programs remain written in Japanese.
See Help for Windows edition, more part of which has been translated.

Calculation thread and Drawing thread has been splited from Ver. 8.0.1

Known Faults
(1) NOTXOR (or MASK, MERGE, XOR) Draw mode does not work correctly.
(2) The behavior of MOUSE POLL is no good. The button state can be changed once after mouse clicked outside of the Graphics window.

Lazarus Project

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